Marathon at Lincoln’s Sunken Gardens and Latvian Church

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Eye of NeWP II, the 2007 NeWPFall Writing Marathon held on Nov. 3rd, was blessed with beautiful fall weather, gorgeous Antelope Park area landmarks,and Latvian hospitality. Marathoners Jeff Grinvalds, Anne Walden, Tobi Scaggs, Joan Ratliff, Kate Brooke, Robert Brooke, and Susan Martens-Baker visited Cafe Italia, the Sunken Gardens, the War Memorial, the Cup, interesting rock formations in Antelope Park, and the United Latvian Evangelical Church, writing and sharing along the way. The event concluded with Piezano’s pizza and a read-around in the church conference room.

Many thanks to Jeff’s parents, Pastor Vitauts and Liesma Grinvalds, for their kind hospitality! Watch for upcoming marathon information on the web site and listserv. Jan. 26: Downtown Lincoln: The Art-Cafe-Bar Tour April TBA:Omaha’s Old Market

Excerpts from Susan Martens-Baker’s notebook:

11:20 a.m. The Sunken Gardens

Temporarily potted plants,
the writers sit among the rocks
absorbing nutrients
through their fast-writing pens.
Instead of sun and soil,
they need solitude and time,
inspiration flowing like water
through capillaries of thought.

1:15 p.m. The Cup

Writers wrapped
in antique upholstery
sun themselves
like pastry-powered lizards,
warming their blood, basking
in each other’s company.

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