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A Trip Through Wolfram Alpha

it is less than
an hour til tomorrow

in Tokyo
and the median
Pokedex number
for Pokemon with
Blue Pokedex color
is 404.5
versus the
White Pokedex color
which is 613.5

what is a pokemon?

these things must be
of vital importance to

did you know
there are people
who not only know what
“megaelectron volts per speed of light squared”
and they also use it on the reg?
or that the hubble parameter is
656 kilometers / second/ megaparsec?
I only know “parsecs” and “tesseracts”
from a “Wrinkle in Time” and the Avengers…

they say space and time are relative
but apparently there is “general relativity”
“special relativity”

my family is special, relatively

shuttlecocks can vary by 12 mm
and the first orbital space shuttle
landed the day before I was born
but you can’t buy real lawn darts anymore
because people hurt themselves with them
It’s a quarter to closing in Harsewinkel

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