2007 Advisory Board members at retreat
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Adam thinking…Eve thinking… Not only did we meditate during the wonderful Writing Marathon that was a part of the second day of the NeWP July Retreat for Board members, but we also were thinking and creating new ideas about how to spread the word: The Nebraska Writing Project is the best experience, bar none, that any teacher of writing can have to best teach writing in the classroom!

“There is something about the sound of water.” The first line of my Writing Marathon poem gives you the image. New life was flowing from each board member as we hammered out goals, outcomes and strategies and the sound of those ideas rejuvenated my commitment to doing my part to make NeWP give life to teachers and students alike.

We all are committed to the written word, but hearing the voices, some excited, some worried, some a bit hesitant, made it all human. We need to hear the sound of authentic voice flowing to become immersed into the pattern of movement and growth.

Many chose to use the chapel as a “writing station” during the Marathon, and it reminded me of the necessity of listening. The board members were the best listening group that I have been a part of in a long time. I guess that shows that we are seasoned teachers who know that listening is a vital part of teaching…almost as vital as speaking.

I thank all who had a hand in giving me the opportunity to be a part of NeWP Board and if any of you want a great experience with outstanding people, be sure to let Robert Brooke know that this is the opportunity that you want to enhance your teaching career!

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