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It is so beautiful out here                      

I missed this

The river

The trees

The birds

And everything else.

–Sari LaDeaux


The chill wind

Against my skin

The birds chirping

The water sloshing

The smell of rain and dewy air

The feel of damp grass against my skin

The taste of a earthy granola bar

This is where I call home

–Haley O’Keefe

Sand shifting

Water rolling

The sun beaming,

Leaving Bridges burning

Birds singing

Trees rustling

Canoers paddling

Tipping topping

Yet still relaxing

Rocks rolling

Bugs buzzing

Flowers glowing

Cliffs slanting 

Pretty fall leaves

Every step crunching

Ears overflowing

Calming, calming

And always relaxing.

–Samantha Sprenger


There are people

Coming from their machines. I

Realize they come 

From their towns. I 

Know that. Yet

I am not sure what

Brings them here.

They gather around

The shore, it’s not

Natural, of course,

I was made by others

A long time


They bring their floating, metal

Logs to the shore. They 

Then begin to talk about

Being in the 

Present moment. I find 

It quite a shame they

Do not refuse to linger in

What has already been.


Some move with

The water, others move

Against it. They know

Not of what it is like 

To be one with nature.

All they do is fight it

Or use and abuse it.


There are two 

Groups of them. One group

Tries to preserve and capture

What is right there

In the moment to look 

Upon later. The 

Others try to experience

The ride the 

water takes

Them on 

Right now, I am not sure

Which one is better off.


The water ones stop to 

Enjoy the scenery

Around themselves.

They hear my calls

And admire the

Beauty they believe

It holds. Do they not

Have their own beauty

In life must they 

Have to 

Rely on the beauty

Of others to

Comfort them?

Or do they yearn for 

The ways of once

Traditional old?

I know not.

–Landon Mooney

The river is cold

And cliff faces old

The sun is so bright

What a lovely sight

Thank you park rangers

You keep us safe from dangers

I’m thankful for this trip

I am very glad I didn’t tip.

–Evelyn Rolfe

My Monarch Butterfly

7:00 A.M

I wake to morning glory

The sun rising; the break of dawn

I spread my wings with delight

Awaiting the morning breeze

8:00 A.M

I flutter from flower to flower

Tree to tree

Trying to find the warm place

That would rescue me

9:00 A.M

My wings are torn and tattered

From the sudden predator attack

My wings do not spread

I do not fly

10:00 A.M

I am taken to a bridge

The water flows beneath me

The wind a frightening rush

I try to catch the breeze

But I do not fly

10:30 A.M

The world is cold upon this frozen rock

I spread my wings and try once more

My failed attempts would be the death of me

As I hit the flowing river below

–Neeley Cronin

Here I stand,

away from everything,

alone in solitude.

The water falling from above,

Just like our emotions.

There will always be water flowing,

just like how we as humans

are always showing our emotions

Here I stand,

looking around.

Many different sights as far as the eye can see,

but there was one.

One that really caught my eye.

Everything was gorgeous,

there was that one,

that was so much more special,

and then I got to thinking.

I am looking at this the same way most people look at themselves.

They only see one thing,

One thing they like about themselves. 

they don’t see the whole picture

to realize all of them is gorgeous, 

just like how I didn’t see all of the beauty that was around,

When I open my eyes.

Here I stand.

-Kaylee Hanson

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