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The NeWP Technical Research team worked through the 2005-06 school year, specifically to develope projects which integrate technology with writing. The eight team members teach students from third grade through senior year of high school. They worked online using the Nebraska Writing Project Interactive Forums. In addition to designing and implementing their projects, the group read and responded to literature related to technology in writing. The projects they produced varied from online e-zines to showcase student writing, to using various forms of technology to enhance their writing.

Participants include: Nancy Rice, Ralston High School; Susan Martens-Baker, Arlinton High School; Cindy Backemeyer, Elmwood-Murdock Elementary School; Theren Hayes, Longfellow Elementary in Hastings; and, Jeff Grinvalds of Ashland-Greenwood High School. Leading the project are Cyndi Dwyer, Lincoln Southwest High School, and Dwight Thiemann, Hill Elementary School in Lincoln. Dr. Robert Brooke is helping to lead the project for the Nebraska Writing Project. The project was funded by a technology initiative from the National Writing Project.

Read Research summaries:

“A Walk Through Time”, Cindy Backemeyer, Elmwood-Murdock. Multimedia presentation of Elmwood School History, Murdock historical events

“Where They Come From Poems”, Cindy Dwyer , Lincoln Southwest High School, Lincoln

“Fourthcoming Writers”, Dwight Thieman, Hill Elementary School, Lincoln.

“Using Technology To Excite Students To Use A Process To Write”, Theren Hayes, Hastings Public Schools

“Gathering of the Tribes”: Arlington/Ashland-Greenwood Interactive Online Forum Project, Susan Martens-Baker, Arlington High, Jeff Grinvalds /Ashland-Greenwood

“E-mail: the “e” is for Education”, Nancy Rice, Ralston Senior High, Ralston

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